Hanging Tips for Your Home

Your art prints arrived in the mail. Yay! You had them framed. Gosh they look great! Get a nail, pound it into the wall. Done and done, right? Well, sure, but here’s some tips we’ve put together to help you ensure your new works of art are installed in a way that will not only enhance your decorating style but also for optimal viewing pleasure.

kago art print

Interior photo by Mike Marquez

The eye-level rule

All wall art should hang at eye level.

How do you determine that when not everyone is the same height? Whose eyes are “eye level”? The general rule of thumb is the middle of your artwork should be 57-60 inches from the floor.

Measure the height of the framed piece and divide that number by two. Add that number to 60 inches. The total is the height of the top of the frame from the floor. With a pencil, mark a small dot on the wall that corresponds to the height measurement and the measurement for the middle of your artwork.

Nope, not so quick—put that hammer down. That’s not where the nail will be driven into the wall but we’re almost there.

Turn the artwork around and pull up a bit on the wire as if it were hanging on a nail. Measure the distance of the stretched wire to the top of the frame. We’ll call this the wire measurement.

Measuring down from your top pencil dot the length of the wire measurement, draw a small circle. If using a nail and not a picture hanger, go ahead and drive the nail into the wall in the middle of the circle you drew. If using a picture hanger hook (which would be our suggested choice), put the nail into the hanger, place the bottom of the hook at the wire measurement circle, hold firmly, and drive the nail into the wall.

Voila! Time to put your artwork up.

Hanging artwork above furniture

Now, you know that every rule has exceptions. When hanging artwork above furniture, such as a couch, side table, or console, the bottom of the frame should be about 4-6 inches above the top of the furniture. The width of the artwork you choose should be about two thirds the width of the furniture.

But rebels that we are, we have an exception to that rule too:

Think vertical for a horizontal space. What??? Multiple vertical pieces can fill a long horizontal space by hanging two or more (three is a good number) artworks next to each other with only a couple of inches in between each piece.

You’ll have to do a little math, but you’ll make the hanging process easier if you take the time to determine the center point of the space above the furniture piece and work out from there. Mark the height measurement (top of the frame) and wire measurement for each piece remembering to include the 2 inch space between pieces.

Multiples work great in a long narrow space too. Stack the artworks one above the other with 1-2 inches between each piece.

And there you have it!

Once you’re finished, snap a photo and tag us on Instagram @kaco_co. We love seeing our prints in the wild!