How to Frame Your Art While Shopping Small

You received your Kago print in the mail. It looks so good. Now what?

You could clip them to the wall with push pins and binder clips or you could head to a big box store for ready-made frames. Maybe that’s what you have room in your budget for—no judgment! But if you have the flexibility, we encourage you to seek out a relationship with your local framer (that’s framer, not farmer).

Yes, the cost will be higher than buying mass-produced frames from your favorite craft store, but here’s what you will get.

kago art print

Interior photo by Minh Pham

The practical part

Custom framing helps protect your art prints from deterioration.

Professional framers use acid-free mats and cover papers which means they won’t eventually start eating your print. 

Custom framing helps protect your art prints from fading.

Your framer will also use glass or plexiglass that protects against UV rays and light in general. If you will be hanging the piece in an area of your home that has a lot of light, you can order conservation reflection control glass. A mouthful, but essentially non-glare and effective in preservation from strong light.

The pretty part

Custom frames always look better since each one is, well, custom.

Your frames are made to the precise measurements that will best fit your art print and then are assembled by the hands of an expert in the framing workshop. They know their stuff and they care about the product they make.

Custom frames reflect you and your personal tastes.

Your local professional framer will personally work with you to select the best looking mats and frames that will enhance your Kago print. A well-chosen mat can bring out the colors in your new print and your framer will help you choose just the right width for the mat border. The frame choice is the quintessential finishing touch that can bring your piece to another level.

Custom frames simply hang better.

How many times have you bought a ready-made frame that never seems to hang right on your wall? It’s warped or is always crooked, oh, and the plexiglass was already scratched despite being covered by protective plastic.

Custom framers will properly wire your piece for secure hanging (no dreaded saw tooth hangers), plus they will supply you with the right size picture-hanging hook. And, as a bonus, when you pick up your artwork the glass or plexiglass will be spotless.

So go, make your local framer your new friend.